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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Male Bladder Control Problems
Dr. Lin has been recognized as a UroLift™ Center of Excellence physician by NeoTract. This is a prestigious distinction given to less than 25 urologists (as of 9/2017) in the U.S., where there are approximately 11,000 urologists. This distinction is awarded to practices that provide excellent patient experience and outcomes in the treatment of BPH using the UroLift™ System.

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The UroLift™ System procedure for BPH is minimally invasive, requires NO catheter for most patients, causes no retrograde ejaculation (“dry orgasms”) or erectile dysfunction, and is performed in the office.

The traditional “roto rooter” (TURP) is enhanced and made safer using the latest and safest technology currently available (plasma bipolar resection).

  • Our TURP patients usually go home the same day – NO hospitalization. Catheterization time is typically only 3-6 days.
  • Watch testimonials of Dr. Lin’s actual TURP patients by clicking here.

We offer minimally invasive, in-office treatment to manage your urinary difficulties.

  • You walk in and out of the office the same day to have this treatment! No needles! No catheters in the end for most patients!
  • Learn more about Prolieve™ by clicking here

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